Wilson Luxilon Smart (includes stringing service)

Luxilon co-polyester strings took over the pro tour in the early 2000s. Their exceptional control and durability helped advanced players take bigger cuts at the ball, resulting in nearly unprecedented levels of control and spin. On the downside, co-polyester strings are quite firm, which often translates into an overly stiff and dead feel on slower strokes like touch shots. Luxilon's answer to this familiar problem is a string called LXN Smart, which features a more evolved version of the Multi-Mono technology found in their M2 and Element strings. According to Luxilon, Smart behaves like a typical poly on fast swings, which means it delivers the firm and controlled response players expect. But on slower strokes, Smart is designed to act more like a multifilament, which means it softens for greater touch, pocketing and comfort. Ultimately, the real test for any string is how it feels and plays on court. To figure this out, our team put Smart through its paces in a comprehensive, multi-week playtest.

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