Q. What does String My Racquet do?
A. As our name implies, we provide racquet-stringing service. We can pickup and deliver your racquet at your home address in parts of Maryland and by mail service everywhere else.


How do I place an order?

Q. How much would you it cost to re-string my racquet and what are the procedures?
A. String prices include string, installation and delivery (pickup/delivery in local MD area or return by FedEx Ground®).  Click on the "Service Availability" link at the top right of the page for instructions.

Q. I have no idea what stings to get can you offer some advise?
A. Yes! Give us a call at 888.390.7176 and we can help you choose a string.

Q. How long will it take to get my racquet back? 
A. We generally return racquets in about two days. For mail orders, racquets are returned the next business day by FedEx ground.

Q. Do you sell just the strings sets?
A. No, we only sell racquet strings for installation.

Q. Can I provide my own strings?
A. Yes, please provide your string along with your racquet and include a racquet stringing charge (specific for every racquet type). Please note that if the string breaks during installation, we cannot guarantee or replace it. Strings are susceptible to temperature, humidity and light.

Shipping Cost

Q. What is the shipping cost for service by mail?
A. You pay for shipping to us.  Free return shipping available for qualifying orders.

Service availability

Q. Do you offer service in my area?
A. If you live outside of Maryland (Frederick, Montgomery or Howard counties) call us at 888-390-7176 and we can assist you with orders by mail.


Q. Which strings and gauge should I get for more durability?
A. There are many factors that influence how long strings will last. Such factors include tension, string material, how often you play and style of play. Call us at 888-390-7176 or send us a message and we can assist you in choosing a string and tension that is appropriate for your game.

Power vs. Control

Q. What is the best string for generating power and speed? 
A. There are factors that can help you generate more power such as softer strings and lower tension. Lower tensions will tend to decrease your shot accuracy.

Q. How do I increase control on my shots?

A. Higher tensions will help you direct shots with more accuracy but will reduce power.


Generating Spin

Q. What is the best string for generating spin? 
A. There are several factors that can help you generate more spin. The most important factor in generating spin is technique. If you don't impact the ball from low to high (in the case of topspin) it doesn't matter what string you use, the ball will have little to no spin. However, if your technique includes brushing up or down on the ball, then using the right string material, tension and racquet pattern will help you impart more spin on the ball. In general terms, smooth or textured polyesters, lower tensions and more open racquet string patterns will help you hit with more spin. Call us at 888-390-7176 and we can help you choose the right string.

Q. How do I increase control on my shots by increasing spin?

A. You can increase your control by imparting more spin on the ball. The increased control comes from higher margins over the net and hitting heavier balls without having to be so close to the baseline or sidelines. Note: A "heavy ball" is a term used to describe a ball that has very high spin and velocity. The heavy ball is what you see the pro tennis players use on tour matches.


Grommet/bumper guards

Q. Do you replace bumper guards and grommets? 
A. Yes you can order grommets by searching “grommets” or find it on the menu under “other services”. Please be aware that grommets are not stocked and will increase your service order lead-time by 7 business days.

Q. Why should I change my grommets/bumper guards?
A. Grommets / bumper guard function is to protect the strings from premature breakage due to contact with the court surface or racquet frame material. When the grommets break, the strings rub against the abrasive racquet frame material and cause the strings to break. Similarly, when the bumper guard wears down, it exposes the strings to the court surface such that if you scrape the racquet on the court it could cut the strings.

Racquet repairs

Q. Do you repair racquets?
A. No, we don’t repair racquets. If the frame of your racquet is cracked we can’t re-string it.  For frame warranty, contact your racquet manufacturer.