Ektelon Bumper Guard Tape (3 pack)

Ektelon Bumper Guard Tape is a premium tape designed specifically for racquetball to protect the racquet’s bumper and allow for custom weighting if desired.  Each piece weighs two grams, so you can apply one piece, or stack them for added head weight if you choose.   Some players like to cut it into 3-4″ sections to provide added protection at the 2 o’clock and 10 o’clock positions of their racquet head; those areas that tend to make more contact with the wall and floor.

Description of Ektelon Bumper Guard Tape:

Package includes 3 pieces, each sized to fit one racquet bumper
Black with White Ektelon Logo
Easy to Apply / Easy-peel backing, just peel and stick
“Toothed” edge prevents bunching and wrinkling and fits smoothly around curves
Each piece weighs 2 grams
Use it to add weight to your racquets head for a higher swing weight
Dimensions: 11 inches long X 3 inches high