Babolat N.vy (Includes stringing service)

Description Solid Core Synthetics. Babolat's N.VY provides comfort that lasts longer. This versatile string provides amazing comfort and thanks to IMS (Integrated Micro Spheres) technology, it also provides increased durability. This is a single wrap string with a double coating and IMS technology. The first coating is polyamide + silica beads, the second coating is polyamide + silicone powder. A flexible core and thin monofilament polyamide fibers provide outstanding comfort. IMS Technology: 1st coating consists of integrated silica beads that make the strings' surface denser creating a protective shield. The 2nd coating is smooth and slippery thanks to silicone powder. The combination of a sliding surface with a denser surface reduces friction between mains and crosses for longer lasting durability.

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