Ashaway PowerGut 66 (Includes stringing service)

Advanced Design: Proprietary power filaments are incorporated into the outer jacket of all PFTtm strings. This specially designed film layer provides optimum power, control and tension stability with unique string surface characteristics. Ashaway's microfilament core contains thousands of microfilaments for tremendous elasticity, power and tension stability on the inside of the string. Combining these strings features into a unified matrix creates the thinnest, toughest and most explosive series of badminton strings ever. Advanced Technology: Ashaway's proprietary Power Filament Technology creates a unique wear layer that reduces string movement and increases durability. PFTtm also ensures exceptional playability and control at all string tensions. Recommended Usage: PowerGut is recommended for players who want to experience the new standard in badminton string technology. Combining Ashaway's proprietary PFTtm filament layer and textured surface with Ashaway's microfilament core creates the badminton player's dream-a string that can be strung at high tensions, has exceptional power, control and resiliency and outlasts other strings with peak performance stroke after stroke. If you want to push your game to the limits, our PowerGut is recommended for you. Recommended stringing tension: up to 35 lbs.

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