Ashaway PowerNick 18 (Includes stringing service)

Construction: String is constructed from several high-tech fibers that are arranged in a unique matrix to provide optimum performance and durability. Playability: The multi-stranded central core of Zyex® filaments provides a firm feel, extra power and quick response. The outer spiral braid provides a good gripping surface to enhance spins and slices. Zyex® fibers provide superior tension-holding properties compared to all other squash strings. Recommended Stringing: PowerNick 18 must be strung at 10-20% less tension than nylon strings. Thinner gauge and excellent tension-holding characteristics of The Zyex® fibers cause this product to string up too tight and play too stiff if normal tension are used. Because of the wide range of racquet designs, it is impossible to specify the best tension for every player. The optimum tension will depend on the player's choice of racket and style of play.

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